The Pepinazo Socks

The Cuffs + Peaches Socks

The Classics Socks

Reebok Classics + Cuffs Socks

Air Max 1 + French Fries Socks

The "Finger" Pin

The Fuck Ass Baseball Tee

The Cuff Polo

Backseries X Continental X Crude ( Limited Edition )

Daddy Cap Light Blue

Morning with Acid Socks

Hello Baby

On Fire

Cream & Pink

Hello Baby

The Tacos Socks

The Daddy Caps

The Fixed Bottle I

The Mj Socks

The Classic Navy Snapback

The Marshmallows Leggings

Derecha o Izquierda?

The Jordan Basket

Daddy Cap Light Blue & Military Green

The Flame Lux

The Classic Black Snapback

The Bullets Crewneck

Hello Baby

It´s All About Socks


The Fixed Bottle

The Poo Socks

Skate Decks


The 90´s Pack

At Home

The C´s Snapback

The Classic Burgundy



Hello Baby II


The Macarons Crewneck

The Classic Navy

Once a Crude, Always a Crude.

Die Like a Crude.

The Daddy Cap in Military Green

The Fixed Bottle

The Classic Black Snapback

The Beverly Socks

The daddy Cap Black on Black

The Acid Socks

The C´s Snapback